2023   Nucs

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Our nucleus Nucs consists of:

* Over winter Queen & 5 deep frames of:

* 2 deep frames of current queen brood

* 2 deep frames of honey/pollen/brood for                 expansion.

* 1 deep frame of foundation

Around 3lb of bees

Cost per one 9 5/8 Nuc $200.00



We are not set up with Pay Pal. 

Please call or email us to purchase Nucs



 2023 Nucs

We will be working on 20 hives per week. We want to make sure we have enough mature drones in our breeding yard. 


Your Nuc arrival will come to you as you are listed on our order form. 


We do live in the mountains where it's colder and damper. 


Our stock is hearty and healthy.


Please find patience in receiving your bees from us, we can only work with what the weather gives us.

Thank YOU......Looking forward to meeting you!