Our Story- Gainer-Varian

Our names are Rick and Phyllis Varian and our journey into beekeeping began with a family member having bees.  This hobby started with two hives.  After the second year our little hobby began to grow, almost immediately, as neighbors and friends, wanted local honey for allergies and replacing white sugar in their recipes.

Before we knew it, we had 10 hives and then 18 then 24 to keep up with the demand for our honey.  This eventually grew to over 34 hives. We grew to 275. At present we are running 134. 


We have moved on from only having honey from our bees to selling Nucs and Queens.  We keep our bees as natural as possible in our treatments. We live in the  Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia on a 20 acre retired farm which is surrounded by National Forest and Dolly Sods Wilderness. Our bees travel all over Dolly Sods and we have had hikers tell us they have seen honeybees while on the trail.   

Our success is deeply rooted in offering outstanding customer service, we also enjoy mentoring others. We purchase only materials made in the USA.


We offer FREE education in the beeyard with the purchase of our Nucs.

rick working in shorts.jpg
silas laing on the ground.jpg
cora in bee suit.jpg

When you have to babysit, you suit them up and let them play in the bee yard.